Legit Cash Online

Project Description

Legit Cash Online was one of my own personal projects born out of one of my hobbies, passive online moneymaking. I wanted to start a helpful blog to introduce newbies to the programs and websites that online moneymakers use, and also to drive referral traffic to my own accounts with these sites.

Project Details

Date September, 2013
Skills Web Development
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Since my circumstances have changed and I’m full-time on Starglass Media now, I don’t update the blog as often as I’d like. However, the site has been successful in driving some referrals to my online accounts. With more energy devoted to it, I’m confident it would do even better.

I wanted a simple and modern look with a pop of color to keep things interesting. The focus here is really on the information, and I wanted to be able to present it in a clear, engaging manner, while leaving room for giant, eye-catching images.

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